Lirik dan Kunci Gitar Remember My Sweet Moment [Ost. Tropicana Slim]

Lirik, Kunci gitar Ost. Tropicana Slim, Chords Gitar Ost. Tropicana Slim, Kord Gitar Ost. Tropicana Slim - Remember My Sweet Moment :

Intro: D F#m G A (2x)

D F# G A
will you remember our sweet moments
D Bm G A
and cherished them the way i do
D F#m G Gm
how we spent our special moment together
D Bm G D
how we used to share it all

D F#m G A
will you remember me the way
D Bm G A
i remember you, will you be the same
D F#m G Gm
the last time i saw you, you are the sweetest
D Bm G D
every moment with you is the sweetest one

D F#m G A (2x)

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